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Stock market!!! Shares!! K.M. Financials offers 5 days free trial for intraday (cash, future, crude)- if ur interested then please leave ur number and name


Date : July 29, 2015

anyone who trades in the stock market intraday (NSE)…willing to see our company’s trial plz contact me…plz leave your number, name, investment amount…5 DAYS TRIAL FOR INTRADAY!!
here’s wat our company assures:
1)30-40% net profit on a monthly basis (irrespective of market conditions)
i.e :30- 40% profit after deducting brokerage charges nd keeping in mind that there can be delays in execution of calls
note : normally profits are higher than that, but still we only promise wat we assure
2) you will be closing the week in profit based on our calls, profit amount may vary week to week, but it will be in profit
3) profit per week will accumulate to give net profit of minimum 30-40% on a monthly basis
example: for an investment of 50-60k in cash segment, u got 10k this week, 13.25k last week, 15k the week before which will give you a decent monthly return this month
4) calls will be given thru msg service (Pair_TD), online traders can benefit the most , offline too can profit a decent amount
5)services for only intraday for :equity cash, stock future and crude oil(commodity)
6)your capital will be safeguarded, if our calls on any day hits SL or exits at a loss it will be nullified from the week’s profit not from your capital amount, so your capital is safe

if u r interested, or u know someone who is, contact me plz
my number:  9035726457


                                                         -Marketing Executive Řøy​