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texasfostercare in san antonio


Date : April 27, 2015

Texas Foster Care and Adoption Services is a state-licensed, private non-profit agency dedicated to finding homes for children who desperately need them.

We continuously search for people in the community to provide loving, nurturing and healing homes to abused and neglected children who have been identified by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

Here are some of the services we offer:

Foster Care – Foster Care is when a child is placed in the temporary care of a family other than his/her own as the result of problems or challenges that are taking place within the birth family, or while critical elements of an adoption are being completed.

Foster to Adopt – Sometimes through the foster care process, a foster caregiver will make the decision to adopt a child. This can occur if the child is eligible for adoption.

Adoption – Adoption is the permanent placement of children, whose parental rights have been terminated, in a home of a selected family. Adoption is a permanent lifelong commitment to a child.

Kinship Fostering Connections – In some instances, it may be easier for a member of a foster child’s family to become foster parents for that child, due to the provisions of The Fostering Connections Act.

Sibling Foster Groups – The bond between siblings may be the longest lasting relationship across the lifetime of a child. Often, siblings who are placed together in foster care can experience higher rates of stability, a shorter length of time in foster care, and suffer less emotional trauma.